Somatic Psychotherapy

Mindful, somatic psychotherapy allows us to observe and study the subtle moment-to-moment experiences that are happening in the body beneath the stories we speak. Our unconscious beliefs and emotional blueprints lie at the foundation of our lives but seem to remain just outside our conscious awareness. As we develop our capacity to notice, listen to and meet these experiences, insight and change happens without force, in a way that is so deeply touching and trustworthy.
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Authentic Sexuality

Turning towards our direct experience with mindfulness, compassion and curiosity offers us profound insight into the unconscious shame, taboo and belief systems that deeply influence and limit our sexuality. Embodied practices illuminate our moment-to-moment experiences in a way that we can listen to and follow. A tender but deeply nourishing journey home, where integrity, authenticity and effortlessness reveal themselves as the cornerstones of true, embodied intimacy.
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Somatic Relational Meditation

The most precious gift we can give each other is our presence. Our true presence. A willingness to slow the relational field down so that we can bring awareness to the habitual and incredibly elusive ways we jump over experience when we are in the presence of the Other. Using mindfulness and contained practices, we allow ourselves to come back to where we truly are, a profoundly different experience to what we think should be happening. A journey home to ourselves and a pathway to true intimacy.
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Tantra leads us into a profound and infinite joyousness, but in a way that is awesomely challenging — because, sooner or later, tantric practices bring into our awareness every painful experience that we have encoded in our embodiment.”
Barnaby BarrattWhat is Tantric Practice

“Tantric practices support somatic work and somatic work supports tantric practices. Weaving Somatic Psychotherapy with Somatic Meditation and Somatic Sex Education, we bring spiritual practice right into the heart of our everyday lives.”
Lorella Ricci — Certified Hakomi Therapist

Embodied Intimacy:

The Groundwork of Self-Love

A 4-Week Experiential Practice Intensive

12 May — 2 June 2019
Sunday Afternoons, 2.00pm – 5.30 pm
Woven with 21-Days of guided home practice

If we enter self-love through the doorway of conscious touch and the brilliance and immediacy of inner presence, unexpected jewels begin to reveal themselves.

Jewels that are hidden by layers of self-protection and the culturally entrenched scripts of sex and intimacy: a “doing” that is encoded into the fabric of our being. Un-doing these scripts is our journey home: an exquisite, meaningful and courageous embodying of our inner realms.

When we meet from here, from where we truly are, a whole new experience of embodied and authentic sexuality and intimacy can emerge.

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