Somatic Psychotherapy

Mindful, somatic psychotherapy allows us to observe and study the subtle moment-to-moment experiences that are happening in the body beneath the stories we speak. Our unconscious beliefs and emotional blueprints lie at the foundation of our lives but seem to remain just outside our conscious awareness. As we develop our capacity to notice, listen to and meet these experiences, insight and change happens without force, in a way that is so deeply touching and trustworthy.
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Somatic Couples Therapy

Relationships offer an unparalleled container for transformation. As we gain insight into our protective strategies and the ways we habitually and unconsciously protect around love, we increase our capacity for intimacy. A somatic and mindfulness-centred approach  drops below the endless stories and cycles of blame to study the body in the very moments of arising activation. Here, we gain access to our unseen vulnerability and our yearning for undefended love.
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Authentic Embodied Sexuality

Sexuality is an expression of our moment-to-moment and continually changing inner world. It neither rejects or is consumed by emotions. It welcomes, listens, allows and is animated by them and the continuously flowing energies of life. When our inner world becomes the instrument through which we meet the other, sexuality transforms into a sacred expression of our true experience meeting life itself. It is the place where we can finally be all of who we really are.
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Tantra leads us into a profound and infinite joyousness, but in a way that is awesomely challenging — because, sooner or later, tantric practices bring into our awareness every painful experience that we have encoded in our embodiment.”
Barnaby BarrattWhat is Tantric Practice

“Tantric practices support somatic work and somatic work supports tantric practices. Weaving Somatic Psychotherapy with Somatic Meditation and Somatic Sex Education, we bring spiritual practice right into the heart of our everyday lives.”
Lorella Ricci — Certified Hakomi Therapist

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