Developing Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Capacity

6 AUGUST — 27 AUGUST 2019, Tuesday Evenings 6.00pm – 9.00pm, Mullumbimby

”The more aligned with our body we are and the more we are able to receive its totality of experience, the more our conscious self, what we think about ourself and our world, will exhibit a loose, porous, and flexible nature, readily able to undergo transformation. Reggie Ray

I have gained a deeper understanding and awareness of the unconscious programming and patterns I play out in my sexuality. Even though I am not in a relationship, I have discovered through the exercises where I move into patterns, thoughts, memories and emotions, that can lead me into another pattern or remove me from being present. Lorella brings incredible wisdom, passion and embodied intuition to the work; and has an earnest desire for everyone to really get the concept of body intelligence and the energetics in the space. Her facilitation is impeccable and the container is safe and sacred. What I got from this program is how I can clearly communicate about my desires and boundaries; how to be more present to my body and enjoy freely; and overall I feel more energised, spontaneous and playful with intimacy.

JF, Mullumbimby

I can’t recommend this workshop enough, especially for anyone who is interested in being more in touch with their whole selves, in an integrated, joyous, easy way. I signed up to this course to grow the sexual intimacy I share with my partner and to enrich our long-term relationship that had so easily fallen into a script of how we “do” intimacy. I feel like we have both gained so much insight into ourselves – our bodies, our pleasure, our emotions and this has enabled a whole new way of us being together. It has opened up new, beautiful, rich depths into our relationship and intimacy together. Because it is all so holistic, I feel like I have gained so much more than what I was hoping for. This isn’t just about “better sex” – it’s about new ways of being in all of life.

GD, Byron Bay

The Embodied Intimacy Workshop re-connected me with my body and my self, but also with the constant place of vibrancy and love of life that is intimacy and pleasure, available to us as a resource constantly. Through skilled and nourishing guidance by Lorella, outdated modes of being were seen through, and a fresh expanded perspective on intimacy was reawakened. The workshop is in some ways like an experiential retreat, where one gets to slow down and see what is holding us back and let go into new consciousness around intimacy and relationship with self and others. The connection with the group through the practices was a special, powerful and joyful way to grow.

JS, Byron Bay

This is a life-changing intensive! Lorella’s supportive and inspirational presence and her clear teaching combined with experiential practice, creates a space for holistic personal and relational transformation. Everyone needs to do this course and make it their way of life. Deeply thankful for this opportunity and for Lorella’s beautiful guidance.

PD, Byron Bay

The title, “Embodied Intimacy” so beautifully captures the nature of this work. It is coming home to the body through deepening attention, awareness, and sensitivity. It provides fundamental tools to start making sense of the nature of our being in the world.

JL, Byron Bay

Can only recommend “the Embodied Intimacy workshop”, have done it for the second time now, and I would say it has played a big part in changing my life, how I connect with myself and others. I have a lot more connection, intimacy and love in my life now, and the work I have done with Lorella has played such a huge part in this, Thank you, you are amazing.

MF, Gold Coast

I LOVE Lorella’s work. It offer’s one the opportunity to merge spirituality and sexuality into one beautiful movement, in a safe, open environment. It enhances and deepens one’s relationship to oneself on all levels and has the capacity to help one move through difficult blocks in an extraordinary and yet gentle way. I can honestly say I had four weeks of one insight after another and felt a shift that really was transformational. Lorella is fun, perceptive and sensitive. It’s so great this work is happening … it’s a real missing link.

BE, Sydney

About this Practice Intensive

We very rarely, if ever, give ourselves the opportunity to study what happens for us within the realms of intimacy in the BODY. We talk about it and think about (usually after the event), but we rarely study and feel what’s actually happening in the moment of contact. The problem here is that our unconscious core beliefs and relational habits are actually held in the body, deeply encoded in our cells and our nervous systems, and remain just outside of our conscious awareness.

We can’t think our way through!

But when we slow it all down, bitesize our experience and establish a safe and clear container … what initially feels like difficult terrain suddenly reveals itself to be a well-spring for insight and self-awareness. The discomfort and “interruptions” hold the keys to our transformation and freedom.

When we learn to meet these experiences with MINDFULNESS and in the BODY we give ourselves an opportunity to meet ourselves and our partners in a very new way. This direct experience is so potent and distilled that insight and change happen without force … and is paradoxically incredibly nourishing and enjoyable.

This work supports you to :

  • Meet emotions and life with curiosity and creativity
  • Listen to the body in a different way
  • Meet ourselves in a different way
  • Meet our partners in a different way
  • Develop your physical capacity for intimacy
  • Develop your emotional capacity for intimacy
  • See how intimacy can be a pathway of transformation and freedom
  • Find your own authentic and creative sexuality


This practice intensive contains:

  • Four experiential evenings (individual and subtle, safe relational practices)
  • A 21-day individual daily practice with guided meditations
  • Teaching Videos (to watch from home)
  • A private forum to support engagement and understanding

Weaving mindfulness, somatic psychotherapy and somatic sex education, this fully clothed and safe container supports transformation and a deeper understanding of sexuality.

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Lorella Ricci – Certified Hakomi Therapist

Lorella is a Certified Hakomi Therapist (Somatic Mindful Psychotherapist), a graduate of Hakomi Embodied and Aware Relationship Training, a Certified Somatic Sex Educator, a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and a faculty member of the Institute of Somatic Sexology. She has a private psychotherapy practice, seeing individuals and couples, and runs workshops and retreats within the Byron Shire. Her work is a synthesis of her somatic trainings and is profoundly informed by the meditation practices and teachings of Dr. Reggie Ray (Vajrayana Dharma Ocean Lineage).


Mudita Institute, 55 Stuart Street, Mullumbimby

Times & Dates
21-days of Individual, daily, home practice
Plus 4 consecutive Sunday afternoons, 2.00pm – 5.30pm
From Tuesday 6 August – 27 August 2019

Couples: $650 Early Bird (paid by 22 July) or $690 Thereafter

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