Relational Meditation

As the body is in a continuous, natural state of expanded awareness, a relational practice offers us a wild opportunity to witness how our history explodes into life in the very moment that it meets experience. Invariably, as the relational wounds get stirred in our psyche, we get to see (in the body) not only how we’re organised around love and connection, but to study, feel and own the habitual, compulsive, knee-jerk reactions that are all-too familiar. Regardless of how much work we’ve done, there are layers that somehow seem so resistant to “healing”.

Between the intense explosion of feeling and what Buddhists call thirst (the raw, cellular movement of grasping or pushing away), lies a gap. A gap in the cycle of painful conditioning. A gap where the karmic links of Samsara can be broken: freedom. Entering into the body, beneath the closed system of the thinking mind, the exquisite Buddhist teaching of Dependent Origination transforms from a complex and technical theory into an alive, breathtaking map of experience. This is the heart of this practice.

Learning to stabilise and ground our awareness in the depths of our being, builds our capacity to recognise and rest in this gap. Not as an endpoint, but as a way of softening and loosening the grip of habit. As we do this, we learn to come into relationship with our underlying conditioning, our history, and give it room to breathe. Having spent all of our lives protecting and walling off the intensity of these feelings, this shift in itself is a relief … and incredibly revealing. As the cells of tension melt and open into the loving arms of awareness, we are able to meet, integrate and digest experience in a non-conceptual, embodied and undefended way. We fall more and more into all of who we are — a union with life in each moment, just as it is.

Without effort or doing, this practice silently illuminates stories upon stories of relationships, sexuality and love. As we build our body of awareness, our history finds a place to unravel and finally be welcomed and received, breaking the cycle of habit and our deepest conditioning. This is a Practice of Pure Awareness and direct experience.

Partnered practice is a potent container, engaging our curiosity and multiplying our concentration. As we come together, in service of consciousness, we bear witness to our own and each other’s experience, offering the gift of presence, personal response-ability, unconditional love, and releasing the Other from the bonds of projection and the weight of carrying our pain.

Time: 7pm – 10pm Monday Evenings (fortnightly)
Location: Byron Bay (New Brighton)
Structure: Individual and partnered practice, in silence

These practice practice groups are committed, ongoing groups. In order to partake, you will need to have completed the “Embodied Intimacy” Workshop, “Eros & Meditation” Retreat or “Sex & Samadhi Retreats.

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