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The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

~ W.B. Yeats

Feeling Feelings

The feeling realm is profoundly misunderstood. Firstly, we mistakenly interchange the words feelings and emotions and often are unable to make a distinction between the two.

Feelings (or Vedena) refer to the vibrations and sensations of energy that perpetually move within, through and around us. The very fabric of our universe and our being.

However, somewhere along the line (which isn’t linear), we became scared of our own nature. At an unconscious level we are misperceiving these energies, bracing against them or merging with them in a way that doesn’t allow them to move freely.

We’re then perceiving this distorted energy as an indication that something is not only wrong in the world, but that there is something wrong with us.

This distortion (unconsciously) becomes the substructure of our emotional world, animating our actions and our experience without us even knowing it.

Rather than trying to fix and heal our feelings, this approach is one of learning to receive them.

A shift in the habit of attention and a touching exploration into the subtle dimensions of our human experience. 

As we learn to rest our awareness into the nourishing, calm and spacious dimensions of our being (which, for most of us remains curiously uninhabited), the energies that are currently inhibited in their movement through the body, can begin to unfurl.

They can begin to move through unencumbered by our misperception and resistance.

This unfurling not only allows us to experience the sacred energies of our being, but gives us a profound and direct experience of insight into how WE co-create our suffering.

In Tantric Buddhism, this is called Silent Illumination.

A tender, touching and profound experience of self-forgiveness. 

Is This Approach for You?

Due to the subtlety and the hidden intensity of this depth of experience, a certain level of inner experience is required.

Somatically oriented therapists, long-term meditators and people who have been dedicated to their inner journey (as an absolute necessity), work well in this terrain.

To enter this depth of our experience, we need to let go of the story. And we can only let go of the story when we’ve spent quite a lot of time working with it … to realise it’s never ending!

This approach is working at the level of unconscious perception and how it informs the human experience.

Whilst our childhoods have a massive impact on us, at this level of experience we are working with what we ALL come in with … the human condition that we’re ALL in.

And finally … if you feel your emotions and feelings intensely, this can be very beneficial in this terrain. Resting into the spaciousness means that we can literally turn down the volume of this intensity and begin to meet the richness of this experience at a frequency that we are able to receive … in a profoundly relaxed and receptive body.

When the water gets caught in habitual whirlpools
dig a way out through the bottom to the ocean.
There is a secret medicine given only to those
who hurt so hard they can’t hope.
The hopers would feel slighted if they knew.

~ Rumi

Lorella Ricci

I could sense that not everyone experienced their feelings as intensely as I did, so I assumed that it was an indication of my brokenness or complex PTSD!  Whilst I was inwardly crippled with shame and unworthiness, outwardly I appeared strong, embodied and  seemingly capable. It had never occurred to me that I was highly sensitive or that it was an ability.

As a result I became a life-long explorer of the inner realms and the shadows of the deep.

A long-term Somatic meditator and former Certified Hakomi Psychotherapist and embodiment facilitator, I now teach highly sensitive beings how to navigate their inner realms. Through an eight month immersion of guided practices, one-on-one sessions and the transmission of the exquisite maps of Buddhism taught through the body (from a wildly female perspective) I give people a direct experience of meeting their feeling body in a completely different way, that is beyond the stories of therapy and trauma … and the mind.

When we cultivate the body so that it becomes a soft, warm kind and unconditionally receptive field, the divinity of the intolerable and misperceived sensations and vibrations of the the feeling realm can be directly revealed.


Secrets are hidden in darkness.
And difficult nights.
You awaken into a pang of aloneness,
A howl of separation.

This is the call of the Dark One,
The roar of life seeking its source.
The union you long for is within reach.

Throw off all hesitation.
Become one with the fear.
Plunge into the uncanny blackness,
Eyes wide open,
As if there were no other choice.

Vibrating with fierce tenderness,
Breathe intimately
With the Lord of Infinite Space.

   ~ Radiance Sutras


If you’re interested in working with me, please email me at: lorella@lorellaricci.com. As this work is subtle and nuanced, being high sensitivity can be incredibly beneficial!


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