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An 8-month somatic guided practice immersion.
Blending daily somatic guided practices with online training and individual sessions.

A radical, experiential re-understanding of the feeling body.
For the highly sensitive, feeling-bodied beings.



A blend of guided somatic practices, fortnightly zoom teachings (exquisite Buddhist maps taught somatically), individual sessions and two small retreats.

Local and remote options available.


For more detailed information about this 8 month Immersion, please download the “Inner Navigation” Brochure. Includes the structure, dates and pricing, 


This 8 month immersion includes both Foundation 1 and Foundation 2.  Registrations for the 2023-2024 are now closed as the Immersion is full.

the intention

This eight-month journey beckons us to turn inwards: to recognise and stabilise our connection to the resonance and pulsation of energy that is the fabric of our being. Not as an end-point, but as a way of entering the deeper layers of experience, where feelings that are exiled, judged and rejected remain protected & hidden.

As we still the waters and learn to open our cellular and energetic body, our senses awaken and a new landscape slowly begins to appear. A landscape so quiet and unidentifiable that it takes time for our senses to adjust. Slowly, from the shadows, the mysterious energies we unconsciously move away from become more visible.

It takes training to rest so deeply in the body, in the unknown, without the mind or the certainty of our terrain. It takes training to soften our gaze and let go of agenda and speed. Without this willingness to turn towards all that we fear, we remain exasperatingly unable to access what feels like the core of our experience.

This journey is an invitation to those who can feel. Those who, regardless of all the years of meditation, therapy and healing … are still in contact with these ancient feelings of unworthiness, unlovability and never being enough …  I WELCOME YOU.


WHAT IF the feelings you reject, that keep calling for your attention, that you believe are bad and wrong, ARE realms of experience that long to be received?

WHAT IF the intensity, the trauma, the pain you brace against and blame yourself for, are just energies that are mis-perceived, distorted by the very frame and manner by which you relate to them in?

WHAT IF the feelings you’re feeling aren’t you? What if you came in with them, or inherited them, or are actually not “yours” but energies that are breathing and moving through the collective field?

AND YET … the feelings we’re so desperately trying to avoid DO actually carry a profound and intimidating intensity.

HOW do we turn towards them when we fear they will devour us? How do we soothe them when we’re overpowered by them? How do we befriend them when we’re unknowingly bracing against them, or when the body so intelligently makes them disappear, as it does with numbness, dissociation, and even THINKING!


My immersion in the study and practice of meditation and psychotherapy was unquestioned from my early twenties — they were the only domains that mirrored the intensity of my inner world and offered some semblance of peace.

For 18 years I devoted myself to training in the Theravada tradition of Buddhism. A staunch and systematic lineage, it provided a profound container to help me make sense of my human experience. In long retreats the intensity of overwhelming emotions and feelings that relentlessly permeated my being dissipated. I tasted peace.

Parallel to this path I immersed myself in the study and practice of Somatic Psychotherapy, primarily Hakomi. This gentler container offered theory and practices that helped me make sense of my biographical life, and helped soothe a little more.

However, in my early forties, despite the significant changes and integration, the overwhelming intensity of shame and worthlessness continued to haunt me. I lost hope. I left the security of these highly esteemed traditions and entered into the wilderness: psychedelic medicine; the study, practice and teaching of embodied sexuality; and, unexpectedly, I found myself back in the folds of Buddhism in the form of Tibetan Tantra.

All my trainings entwined in profound ways, but the unique approach of the somatic practices of this Tantric tradition fundamentally rocked my world. Unlike the previous traditions, which involved piercing into experience 

directly, the Tantric path focused on relaxation and the stabilisation of attention in the subtle energies of our primordial nature as a FUNDAMENTAL prerequisite to welcoming the painful and unconsciously intolerable feelings that reside in our innermost depths. From here, we could meet it.

Yet, despite a decade of profound transformation through the teachings and somatic practices, I found myself back at that familiar crossroad. This tradition had been softer, but something still called me. Maybe it was the hierarchy, the rules and the ownership of knowledge … but I think more than anything, my heart yearned for something kinder.

I was then introduced to obscure teachings that centered on the misunderstanding of the feeling realm. It revealed the depth to which we judge our moment-to-moment experience in a distorting and painfully inescapable way. I was in awe! The ego, that I’d somehow related to as a predominantly negative structure, suddenly revealed itself as the sweetest, sweetest thing. A collection of little beings: abandoned, rejected, in pain and somehow blaming themselves for their unlovability and separation from existence itself.

Somehow, somewhere, we lost our sense of belonging, believing instead that we are separate, irreparably broken and never good enough. Our yearning is our rudder. Only we can navigate the ship of our own consciousness and the calling of our own soul Ω


Through the practices and maps of own my personal journey and training, my deepest desire is to help you develop more capacity to trust yourself and your to ability navigate your UNIQUE inner world. This training focuses on supporting you to develop:

  • The ability and resources to establish an effortless and deeply engaged daily practice
  • The ability to recognise, cultivate and stabilise the connection to your primordial essence as your default mode (which is why we need daily practice)
  • The ability to recognise the presence of unconscious feelings and the confidence to soothe, welcome and metabolise these energies within yourself, so that insight is illuminated as a direct, unmediated experience
  • The ability to translate the insights from these practices and bring them into your relationships as a way of deepening intimacy and connection
  • A direct experience of how to use spiritual friendships as a way of creating accessible support and as a way of learning to trust that by speaking from these layers (that are usually so deeply hidden) that we can profoundly deepen our capacity for, and experience of, LOVE.


Kiss Your Demons and Heal

If you do not bow to your dark angels, they will possess you
and you will have to act them out.
So breathe them in, let them become your shouts and sighs,
pants of lust and terror in your lungs.
Now exhale and dissolve them into the clear ocean of awakening.
They don’t possess you, you possess them.
Your dark angels have become the blue sky, a swirl of hummingbirds,
tree frogs discussing everything.
But beware of enlightened teachers who claim no darkness.
They will lead you into a deeper darkness, the shadow that hides from itself.
Against your beautiful demons a true teacher will never set your heart.
A true teacher will empower you to kiss them with that kiss which
the mind gives to its most terrible thoughts, so that names, images, teeth marks, hieroglyphs of veins scrawled on the cave of your liver, neurons twisted into
Sanskrit etching ancient spells into your hippocampus, the rippling gristle-
flower of sound in your bellybutton, all disappear into one Body, this Body,
where you taste the starless wine of night itself and give birth to tomorrow’s sun.