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The 8-Month Immersion commences on Monday 4 September. It consists of three months of training, a break over Christmas and a three month training (with daily guided practices the whole way through the eight months, as a way of establishing effortless, nourishing daily inner connection.


If you are able to see me in person, I live in Ocean Shores, Australia (near Byron Bay). If not, I see many clients online through Zoom. My work is deeply somatically based and I give you guided practices to help you on your journey of inner navigation and a pathway to embodied, true peace


This kind of deep inner work requires safety and a sense of true resonance. If you’re interested in working with me, let’s make a time to connect on Zoom first to see if we’re a good match.


I work deeply beneath the story, helping you to come into relationship to every drop of experience that you are afraid, or unable, to stay present to. If we keep meeting our experience through the mind, through the lens of looking for the cause in our childhood or “trauma”, it restricts us from an deeper, more profound inquiry into what it means to be human.

Making connections and seeing the patterns and themes throughout our lives is incredibly helpful, but we can circle endlessly within the tip of the iceberg, unable to access the vastness of what lies beneath.

If, however, we feel into the story and the theme and then drop into the body to see what that actually feels like, the story becomes a gateway into the unconscious.

As we learn to rest into the ocean of our being, we create a safe and receptive field in which these quite intense and deeply embedded sensations and vibrations can be received VERY differently.

Rather than the story, we begin to come into the relationship to the substructure, to the ways we make meaning and move into and way from these energies that are constantly moving through us.

Rather than rigid, separate and static beings, we begin to gain insight into how we are fearful of the energies of existence and how we have deeply misperceived them.

This realm is exceptionally nuanced. However, and rather paradoxically, for those who often perceive themselves as fractured and too intense for this world, your sensitivity in this particular domain becomes begins to reveal its capacity.



The work is very somatic, helping you learn to sense, taste and abide in the essence of your own being. It’s quite bizarre how we are so focused on the fragments and sensations of pain, without realising that it perpetuates our sense of isolation, wrongness and suffering.

And without access to our essence, which is profoundly grounded, spacious and vibrating, we are continually pulled into habitual ways of perceiving our experience. THIS mispeception causes the pain. It’s like we don’t know how to meet the sacred energies that are constantly moving through our bodies. We are fearful of life itself and somehow feel like we are the problem.

So this journey is one of learning to rest, to open, to access our stability, ease and nourishment of just being. Although it takes time to make this our default state, the journey is so deeply soothing, nourishing and profound, that this paradoxical shift in direction is something so deeply touching and illuminating, that we begin to let go of the concept of something to heal or somewhere to get to.



I work predominantly with guided audio practices, that you do in the warm, soothing comfort of your bed. Learning to rest into your essence isn’t hard work, we just have to remember how to do it. Effortlessness is KEY. We are just remembering how to be, how to open and radiate even!

Resting into our essence isn’t something you have to make happen … it’s already within you, waiting for you to notice it.

I no longer call myself a psychotherapist. Maybe an inner navigator might be closer. But my intention is to help you learn how to come into relationship to the depths of your being. To your heart, your soul … to God. And no-one can mediate that relationship, but there are definitely some good tips on the way.