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Welcome to the Mysteries of the Feeling Realm. A podcast where we explore our relationship to the feeling body. To these ancient vibrations and sensations that have been so rejected and hidden and profoundly misperceived.

Join us, Cole Knazovicky and Lorella Ricci, as we explore what it actually means to befriend and welcome every single drop of your experience, in a relaxed, kind and deeply receptive body.


Cole (66) has been a life-long student of the feeling realm with the help of Right Use of Will books series and many other modalities exploring the more subtle realms of spirituality. Besides his inner passions Cole is a classical guitar teacher and performer, runs feeling-focussed men’s groups and is also a counselor, mentor to many and a life coach.

Originally from Slovakia, he lives in Byron Shire Australia devoted to being a good father to his 14 years old son and also being a community elder.


Having spent her entire adult life immersed in the practice and study of Buddhist Meditation and Somatic Psychotherapy, as a way of trying to understand and tame the intensity of her feeling body, it was only when she was trained in the Tibetan Tantric traditions of somatic meditation that she gained the subtlety that she needed to meet these experiences in a paradoxically different way.

Letting go of the model of pathology and trauma, and her private practice as a Somatic Psychotherapist, she now runs 8 month immersions to teach Highly Sensitive People (with overwhelming feeling bodies) how to meet their experiences with the level of refinement, kindness, compassion and calmness that it is yearning to receive.


What are feelings?

To enter the feeling realm we need to slow down. You might notice that we speak a bit slower than usual, and at first that might feel like a shift of gears! But trust us, it’s worth it.

We’re so attached to the mind! And, believe it or not, to a sense of uprightness and even rigidity. It gives us a sense of self and control. We’re disembodied without even knowing it. It’s only when we start to truly relax, open and even begin to feel the sensations of energy as they move through us, that we realise how exhausting it is to be always doing.

But in order to drop into the effortlessness and lightness of being, we need to be able to meet the feeling body. And at this stage, we do not have a great relationship to feelings. Mostly, we’re scared of them. Again, we don’t even realise how scared of them we are. We just know that we like a few of them and hate most of them and do whatever we can to keep them at bay.

So why do we have such a difficult relationship to them? In this podast we start to open the doorway of why this realm is SO mysterious and SO worth questioning and exploring.

Cole finds himself in a body that is polarised in the mind. So for him, he became aware that he wasn’t able to feel his feelings. Through a journey of deep inquiry, he began to see how much judgement he had towards his feelings. Through this process, he began to notice that not only did he judge his feelings, but he also had judgement towards his judgement! This inquiry began to open a completely different relationship to feelings and life itself.

Lorella, on the other hand, is polarised in the feeling realm. Having spent her life being swamped by feelings, her journey was one of learning to rest into the spaciousness of her being in order for her awareness to be able to start to truly meet and digest and these sensations which had always overwhelmed her. From here, she also realised how much judgment she held towards ALL the feelings that moved through her being.

They both discovered similar insights, through vastly different embodied journeys.


Welcoming feelings

Meeting feelings is a wildly paradoxical journey! We’re so used to “processing” feelings in such intense ways, that we believe that the “intensity” is a natural characteristic of the feeling realm, especially the ones we don’t like.

With so many spiritual traditions seeing feelings as problematic, this is then backed up by our psychological stories and structures that relate to feelings as indicators or trauma and bad childhoods.

It doesn’t occur to us that the way we MEET feelings might actually be creating the intensity, the pain and the solidity of what we think is happening.

If you want to experience your feeling realm differently, then you may want to consider changing your relationship to them: becoming curious, questioning the solidity of what you think is happening … and completely shifting the way you meet feelings in the body.

Shifting the habit of attention!

Normally, we pierce into our feelings. We shine and investigative light directly into the heart of it and demand to know it’s origins.

But if these feelings are timid, contracted and bracing in our presence, then softening our gaze, creating softness, calmness and deep receptivity in the body, we might have more of a chance of befriending it.

More like the journey in “My Octopus Teacher”: creating safety and allowing a trust to build. Allowing this feeling to feel safe with you can only come closer when the relationship between you is true.


Releasing Judgements

In this episode we look at what it might feel like to open to the wisdom of the other polarity. How do we listen to each other? What does it mean, or look like, to invite reflection?

We are in a predominantly masculine tilted consciousness: we are so profoundly steeped in the energy of mind, thinking, clarity, complexity, uprightness. We have lost connection to our feeling bodies. To the energies that move through and around us, that not only animate us, but nourish us. 

And as a result of this, we live in a disembodied mind, that continues to circle endlessly within it’s own fragment, constantly judging itself and its world.

In this episode Cole introduces us to Judgement Release, a mind training where you bring into your awareness the relentless judgments that the mind is constantly bombarding on our systems.

This is a profound practice, which we only just begin to touch upon, but which we will deepen into as we continue with the podcasts.

For now, Lorella and Cole continue this exploration of “what happens if we listen to and open up to each other’s wisdom”?


Masculine & Feminine

What happens when you read “Sacred Masculine” and “Sacred Feminine”? Does it turn your stomach, pique your interest, or leave you feeling somewhat disinterested?

Cole and I set off on this journey without much of a clue where the other would go (or where we ourselves would go, for that matter) … but where we ended up was profoundly delightful. Our favourite podcast to date !! Maybe it’s best to not say too much and let you come for the ride. Our perspectives and expressions are so different … and yet they land in very similar places.

What a joy to travel here. We hope you enjoy it!


False Images of God

Delving into the enigmatic concept of God stirs profound responses within us, not just in our minds, but deeply within our very core. Does it usher in a profound sense of inner peace, or does it instead tighten your belly, prompt eye-rolls, and a begging for the topic to be avoided?

We’ve had a lot going on in our lives, so we took a while to get to our fifth podcast … where we gleefully decided to dive into the concept of God! (Haha!!) Yet, this exploration isn’t merely an intellectual exercise; we’re delving more into this eternal enigma through the innermost layers: somatic sensations, emotional depths, and visceral experiences.

Instead of adhering to the conventional, man-made depictions of God ingrained in us since childhood, what happens when we transpose the narrative of God, Jesus, and Mary into the multidimensional landscapes of our own bodies? What if they are direct facets of our own being?

In this podcast, predominantly a recounting of my personal odyssey with God (Cole), I find myself deeply moved by the impact it has on Lorella. Her responses serve as illuminating beacons, shedding even more light on my own journey and this fleeting discourse on God.