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“I m so grateful to Lorella and what she does. Our sessions have blown my mind many times and showed me a new way to ‘be’ with myself and the outcome is truly life changing. My relationships have benefited immensely and my parenting is gentler as I also learn to ‘hold’ myself. Lorella has this incredible capacity to take me deep into myself in a short period of time. Her approach is gentle yet powerful.  Can’t speak highly enough.”


Interior Designer
Byron Shire

“Words fall short to express my gratitude for Lorella and what she brings into my life. Nowhere else have I seen such masterful shepherding of inner processes for highly sensitive people who want to move beyond the therapeutic relationship. The deep levels of intimacy, peace and connection I am reaching within myself would have been impossible without her caring, subtle and skilful guidance, and are well beyond anything I could have imagined. Her immersions foster the daily practice of allowing unconditional love to bubble up from our essence, bathe every part inside and ripple out into the rest of our lives. Extraordinary.


Byron Shire

“Lorella transformed my relationship to my feelings, my body, my sex life, my partner and my own clients. I looked forward to every session and knew that whatever state I was in, I was welcome and I would be received with genuine warmth and wisdom. The techniques and practices she teaches I continue to use daily to help me navigate my inner world. I am very grateful that I was able to receive exactly what I needed when I needed it from this truly amazing therapist.”


Byron Shire

“The inner navigation program has been such an important and transformative journey for me. The level of intimacy I am exploring within myself has opened doorways for me to be more open with my vulnerability and show up with more spacious authenticity in the world and in all my relationships.

I am so grateful for this work, which to me feels so radical: a calling into being and feeling deeply in resonance with the aliveness of the world.

Lorella’s guidance is refined and exquisite. She can meet me in these deep places where the strongest feelings arise with so much grounding, curiosity and empathy. And I appreciate how she is embodying her teaching in each step of the process with all of us.”


Somatic Psychotherapist

I have struggled with strong emotions for almost my whole life. For many years I thought something was really wrong with me. It was only when I met Lorella that I finally experienced this relief that I wasn’t crazy. I felt understood. From the first appointment, I found a safe and nurturing space which has made integrating my childhood experiences so much easier. I’ve been learning about how to navigate any emotions in the body, through her intuition, sweetness and clear guidance, and actually feel them. By learning more about the subtle body and the unconscious mind, I’m learning to be present moment-by-moment to any emotions that get stirred in me, regardless of their intensity. Lorella has given me enough tools to make this process exciting and playful, even if at times it can still be really challenging.”



“Lorella provides the most nurturing, loving, safe space in which to journey. A space where you feel seen & heard & with this the ability to reach a deeper understanding & healing around old patterns.  I am so grateful to Lorella for her love, support & wisdom in both my personal work & couples therapy with my husband. My work with her has created such growth, transformation & healing in all areas of my life from how I work, to the relationships I have with my husband, children, friends & community. Forever grateful.”


Gold Coast

I am continually recommending Lorella to my friends as I’ve found her sessions so supportive and transformative. She helps me access the subconscious parts of me I am often not connected to. She holds space in such a way that I can surrender to the unknown and meet these parts that need my unconditional love and tender attention. I’ve often seen Lorella for ’emergency’ situations, where I’ve been in trauma response and I’ve come out the other side being able to breathe and hold myself. Rather than numbing the heightened emotional response to make it stop in moments I’m feeling out of control. I highly recommend Lorella’s work as a form of emotional healing and processing.”



I have learnt so much that has changed my life forever. Initially I found it challenging to put my ‘story’ aside and start paying attention to the quality of my emotions, perceptions and subtle feelings. Now I have a jewel of knowing that will always stay with me.

I work in mental health and have an excellent understanding of current literature and best practices. But nothing compares to when your therapist is actually doing the work too. When knowledge comes from having traversed, learned and integrated their own psyche. No qualification guarantees this expertise. Somatic work requires this level of understanding, so it can be a harder to come by and not as easily a commodity. Now I understand why – it took a while for my body to trust the process. If you have done your research you will know somatic is the gold standard of trauma therapy and integration. Lorella embodies the wisdom and grace to help bring you home within yourself. Whilst therapy can be challenging, Lorella seems to track these challenges and have techniques to make those dark unknown parts of us feel safe, seen and met.
I can recall so many times the feeling of relief leaving her office. I am so grateful for coming into her practice when I did. I was at my rock bottom, for a long time. Having panic attacks, migraines, depression and so much more. I didn’t really know what was missing in my treatment.
Lorella taught me without ‘teaching’ that I could hold myself! I thought I was already doing it, but I was really doing something else – like judging or punishing or nagging myself. The inner voice isn’t the only thing, there is so much more to know and understand and hold within ourselves. Lorella is a wise woman with a birds eye perspective on the psyche, along with a kind, nurturing, intelligent and authentic way of being. She has so much to offer. Learning, understanding and practicing somatic therapy is now a life long commitment for me, as I have been given myself back through this process.”